Why Buy With Us?

We will work hard to you find the home of your dreams and we understand how important communication is throughout the entire homebuying process. Our job is to make this a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Homebuyers can trust that we will work hard to help them find their dream home and negotiate the best price because we put ourselves in their shoes. We tour the homes and negotiate as though we are the ones purchasing the home.

Communication is what makes a real estate transaction a smooth one and we will keep you informed every step along the way.


Pre-approval is the process by which a lender determines if potential borrowers can obtain financing for a home they are interested in, and for what amount of money. With pre-approval, a lender states that the prospective buyer’s situation has been evaluated and, providing all circumstances stay the same, the lender is willing to loan money (up to a specific amount) to the potential buyer. This can be a powerful tool in getting an offer accepted by a seller.

Closing Costs

Closing (or settlement) means that you are closing on your loan. There are many steps a buyer goes through to get to this point, after finding the the perfect home. Buyers must fill out a loan application with their lender after receiving an accepted contract on a property. Once this is done, there are some costs the buyer can expect incur: inspection fees, customary lender required fees, title exam, record of mortgage, and the closing fee. These are all referred to as closing costs. In some situations, the buyer can ask the seller to assist them in paying these closing costs when they make an offer and the seller will agree to do so in order to sell their home.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is a protection plan that covers repairs or replacement of many of the home’s systems and appliances in the event that they break down. Different plans can cover different mechanicals and appliance prices vary accordingly. Most home warranty plans are for 1 year but can be extended annually. Please visit American Home Shield’s website at www.ahs.com for more information.

First-Time Buyers

We remember what it’s like to be first time homebuyers! We were there not too long ago ourselves. It’s very nerve-racking and that’s why it’s important to have a real estate agent that understands what you are going through. We specialize in dealing with First Time Homebuyers and aim to make the process less worrisome and as fun as possible!

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