Jackie P.

  • 10 years ago
October 25, 2013

Before choosing a real estate agent, my husband and I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. Nick Rutman really stood out as the best Scioto County has to offer: his organic rankings are excellent (meaning people find listings on his site easily), his social media presence was strong, and we could tell a lot of work goes into his listings.
We spoke with Nick and then met with him at our home. He spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding how many homes he sells, how long their listings typically stay on the market, and providing tons of info on comps in the area.
When we saw our listing we were blown away. His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off – our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. We were able to sell our home quickly and, thanks to his strong negotiating skills, start building our dream house.
We highly recommend Nick Rutman to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

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